Bruegel Annual meeting 2014Welcome to my homepage. I am the Director of Bruegel, the independent and non-doctrinal think tank on economic policy in Europe. An expert on the European economy and governance and global macroeconomics and finance, I regularly testify to the European Finance Ministers’ ECOFIN meeting, the European Parliament, the German Parliament (Bundestag), the UK’s House of Lords and the French Parliament (Assemblée Nationale/Sénat) and I am a regular speaker at international conferences etc.

Bruegel is regularly ranked among the top global think tanks. Bruegel ranked in the University of Pennsylvania’s think tank ranking #1 Worldwide (outside the US), #1 In Western Europe, #1 International economic policy, #1 outstanding policy-oriented Research Program, #3 worldwide after Brookings and Carnegie (see here pdf). In 2019, Bruegel also won the best think tank award in finance and economics for Europe by the Prospect Magazine. Bruegel publishes more than 40 papers/reports/books and around 250 blog posts per year with a team of around 65 (many in part time). The budget exceeds €5 million and is to more than 80% funded by subscription revenues from Bruegel’s diverse membership of EU countries, international corporations and institutions. I am responsible for the overall management, editorial work, strategy, development and the approximately 80 annual events. To find out more about Bruegel, please check the annual reports published under my responsibility (2018201720162015, 2014, 2013).

From 2012-16, I was a member of the French prime minister’s Conseil d’Analyse Economique. I am a member of the Solvay Brussels School’s international advisory board of the Brussels Free University. I joined Bruegel in 2011 from the European Commission, where I worked on the macroeconomics of the euro area and the reform of euro area governance. Prior to joining the Commission, I was coordinating the research team on fiscal policy at Deutsche Bundesbank. I also worked as an adviser to the International Monetary Fund.

I hold a PhD in economics from the University of Bonn, studied in Bonn, Toulouse, Pittsburgh and Passau and previously taught economics at the University of Pittsburgh and at Université libre de Bruxelles. I have published numerous papers in academic journals. I am fluent in German, English, French and know some Bulgarian and Spanish. My columns and policy work are published and/or cited in leading international media such as the Financial Times, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Caixin, Nikkei, El Pais, Le Monde, La Stampa, FAZ, Handelsblatt, Les Echos, BBC, ZDF, and others. Here is a profile of mine in Süddeutsche Zeitung.

My CV can be found here. My declarations of interest here: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018a, 2018, 2019.

Publications in journals

“Securing Europe’s economic sovereignty”, Survival, 2019 (with Mark Leonard, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Elina Ribakova and Jeremy Shapiro), (DOI, older version is here).

“What are the prerequisites for a euro area fiscal capacity?”, Journal of Economic Policy Reform, 2019 (with Maria Demertzis). (DOI, older version is here)

“Capital markets union and the fintech opportunity”, Journal of Financial Regulation, Oxford University Press, 2018, earlier version was Bruegel Policy Contribution 2017/22,  presented at the informal ECOFIN in Tallinn, Estonia on September 15, 2017, (with Maria Demertzis and Silvia Merler). (DOI, pdf, earlier version is here)

“Explaining the Evolving Role of National Parliaments Under the European Semester”, Journal of European Public Policy, 2017, (with Mark Hallerberg and Benedicta Marzinotto), (DOI).

Capital markets union: a vision for the long term”, Journal of Financial Regulation, 0, 1–24 DOI, Oxford University Press 2016, earlier version is Bruegel Policy Contribution 2015/05 (with Nicolas Véron), presented to informal ECOFIN, Riga. (pdf-journal-version) (pdf)

“Ending uncertainty: recapitalization of banks supervised by the SSM”, Credit and Capital Markets, 47(2), pp 241-264, 2014, (with Silvia Merler). (MerlerWolff2014)

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Publications in other journals

“The implications of a no-deal Brexit: is the EU prepared?”, Bruegel Policy contribution 2019/2, written for the Bundestag Europe Committee. (here) (with German translation), also published in Spanish in Estudios de Politica Exterior, No 188, March/April 2019.

“Vers la création d’un mécanisme de stabilisation pour la zone euro ?” Revue Française de Finances Publiques, Vol. 141, pp 95-113, 2018 (with G. Claeys), (link)

“Editorial: How should the EU position itself in a global trade war?”, Intereconomics, 2018/2, link, link on my page

“Eurozone or EU budget? Confronting a complex political question”, The Kokumin-Keizai Zasshi (Journal of Economics & Business Administration), Vol 217/1, pp 21-35, January 2018. (earlier version is here).

“Europe in a new world order”, Wirtschaftsdienst, Heft 13, pp 24-30, 2018, earlier version is Bruegel Policy Brief, 2017/02 (with Maria Demertzis and André Sapir). (DOI, earlier version is here)

“What could a euro-area finance minister do?”, Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik, ZfWP, Heft 66-1, 2017, DOI: zfwp-2017-0011, (link), (earlier version is here)

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“Should non-euro area countries join the single supervisory mechanism? “, Danube: Law and Economics Review, vol. 4(2), pp 141-163, 2013 (with Zsolt Darvas). (DarvasWolff13-WP-Version)

“Fiscal crises in U.S. cities: structural and non-structural causes”, ICFAI Journal of Public Finance VI (1), February 2008. (pdf)


“Braver, Greener, Fairer: Memos to the EU leadership 2019-2024”, Bruegel, 2019, (edited with Maria Demertzis), (pdf)

“An anatomy of inclusive growth in Europe”, Bruegel Blueprint No. 26, 2016, (with Zsolt Darvas). (pdf)

“Japan and the EU in the global economy”, Bruegel Blueprint XXII, 2014, edited with Masahiko Yoshii. (pdf)

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“An evaluation of IMF surveillance of the euro area”, Bruegel Blueprint Volume XIV, 31 October 2011 (with Jean Pisani-Ferry and André Sapir). (pdf)

Policy Briefs, Reports, Working Papers and Chapters in Books

From climate change to cyber-attacks: incipient financial-stability risks for the euro area, Policy Contribution 02/2020, Bruegel (with Z. Darvas and M. Domínguez-Jiménez), (pdf)

“Hybrid and cybersecurity threats and the European Union’s financial system”, Bruegel Policy Contribution 2019/ 10, prepared for and presented at the informal ECOFIN in Helsinki in September 2019, (with Maria Demertzis). (pdf)

“Redefining Europe’s economic sovereignty”, Bruegel Policy Contribution 2019/9, (with Mark Leonard, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Elina Ribakova and Jeremy Shapiro) (pdf)

“A strategic agenda for the new EU leadership”, Bruegel Policy Brief, June 2019, (with Maria Demertzis and André Sapir), here, here

“What drives national implementation of EU policy recommendations?”, Bruegel working paper, April 2019, (with Konstantinos Efstathiou), here, pdf, CEPR discussion paper 14032

“Promoting sustainable and inclusive growth and convergence in the European Union, Bruegel policy contribution, written for and presented at the informal ECOFIN in Bucharest, April 2019, (with Maria Demertzis and André Sapir), here, pdf

“The European Union’s response to the trade crisis”, Bruegel policy brief, March 2019, (with Uri Dadush), here, pdf

“The implications of no-deal Brexit: is the European Union prepared?”, Bruegel policy contribution, January 2019, written and presented in Bundestag, here, pdf

“How to provide liquidity to banks after resolution in Europe’s banking union”, Paper written for the European Parliament, November 2018, (with Maria Demertzis, Ines Gonzalves Raposo, Pia Hüttl) available here, pdf

“One size does not fit all: European integration by differentiation”, Bruegel Policy Brief 3/2018, September 2018, (with Maria Demertzis, Jean Pisani-Ferry, André Sapir, Thomas Wieser), (pdf)

“Fiscal rules in the Economic and Monetary Union”, in The History of the European Union, edited by Giuliano Amato, Enzo Moavero-Milanesi,
Gianfranco Pasquino & Lucrezia Reichlin, Bloomsbury, ISBN 9781509917419, February 2019. (with Justine Feliu) (pdf)

“The EU’s multiannual financial framework and some implications for CESEE countries”, September 2018 edition of the OeNB’s Focus on European Economic Integration and can be downloaded here (with Zsolt Darvas).

“The economic potential and risks of crypto assets: is a regulatory framework needed?”, Bruegel Policy Contribution, written and presented at Informal ECOFIN in Vienna, September 2018  (with Maria Demertzis) (The paper can be downloaded here. The full version with annex is here).

“Is the European Semester effective and useful?”, Bruegel Policy Contribution 2018/09 (with Konstantinos Efstathiou), (pdf)

“EU funds for migration, asylum and integration policies”, Policy paper for the European Parliament (with Zsolt Darvas, Francesco Chiachio, Ines Gonzalves Raposo and Konstantions Efstathiou), link

“Making a reality of Europe’s capital markets union”, Bruegel Policy Contribution 07/2018 prepared for and presented at the informal ECOFIN in Sofia, (with André Sapir and Nicolas Véron), link, pdf

“Rethinking the European Union’s post Brexit budget priorities”, Bruegel Policy Brief 2018/01 (with Zsolt Darvas) (pdf)

“Beyond the Juncker and Schäuble visions of euro area governance”, Bruegel Policy Brief 2017/06. (pdf)

“Capital markets union and the fintech opportunity”, Bruegel Policy Contribution 2017/22, prepared for and presented at the informal ECOFIN in Tallinn, Estonia on September 15, 2017, (with Maria Demertzis and Silvia Merler). (here)

“The global decline in the labour income share: is capital the answer to Germany’s current account surplus?”, Bruegel Policy Contribution 2017/12 (with Bennet Berger). (pdf)

“Europe’s role in North Africa: development, investment, migration”, Bruegel Policy Contribution 10/2017, prepared for and presented at the informal ECOFIN in Valetta, Malta on April 8, 2017 (with Maria Demertzis and Uri Dadush). (here)

“Europe in a new world order”, Bruegel Policy Brief, 2017/02 (with Maria Demertzis and André Sapir). (here)

“Making the best of the European single market”, Bruegel Policy Contribution, 2017/03 (with Vincent Aussilloux, Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Clemens Fuest). (here)

“Is Brexit an opportunity to reform the European Parliament?”, Bruegel Policy Contribution, 2017/02 (with Robert Kalcik). (here)

“What impact does the ECB’s quantitative easing policy have on bank profitability?”, Bruegel Policy Contribution, 2016/20 (with Maria Demertzis). (here)

“What are the prerequisites for a euro-area fiscal capacity?”, Bruegel Policy Contribution, 2016/14, prepared for and presented at the informal ECOFIN in Bratislava, Slovakia (with Maria Demertzis). (here)

“Europe after Brexit: A proposal for a continental partnership”, External publication, Bruegel 25 August 2016 (with Jean Pisani-Ferry, Norbert Röttgen, André Sapir and Paul Tucker). (here)

“The effectiveness of the European Central Banks Asset Purchase Programme”, Bruegel Policy Contribution, 2016/10 (with Maria Demertzis). (here)

“Which kind of fiscal union for the euro area?”, Bruegel Policy Contribution and report for Conseil d’analyse économique, (with Agnes Benassy-Quéré and Xavier Ragot) (here).

“One market, two monies: the European Union and the United Kingdom”, Bruegel Policy Brief, 2016/1 (with André Sapir). (here)

“Is globalisation reducing the ability of central banks to control inflation?”, Bruegel Policy Contribution, 2015/18 (with Grégory Claeys). (here (pdf))

“The growing intergenerational divide in Europe”, Bruegel Policy Contribution, 2015/17 (with Karen Wilson and Pia Hüttl). (here (pdf).)

“Schriftliche Stellungnahme Bundestagsanhörung: Niedrigzinspolitik der EZB”, Bruegel Policy Contribution, 2015/16. (here (pdf))

“European Climate Finance: securing the best return”, Bruegel Policy Brief 2015/03, (with Georg Zachmann), presented to informal ECOFIN, Luxembourg. (here (pdf))

“The vulnerability of Europe’s small and medium-sized banks”, Bruegel Working Paper, 2015 (with Ashoka Mody). (here)

“Capital markets union: a vision for the long term”, Bruegel Policy Contribution 2015/05 (with Nicolas Véron), presented to informal ECOFIN, Riga, Latvia. (pdf)

“Euro-area governance: what to reform and how to do it”, Bruegel Policy Brief 2015/01 (with André Sapir). (pdf)

“Eurosystem collateral policy and framework: Was it unduly changed?”, Bruegel Policy Contribution 2014/11. (pdf)

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“How can Europe avoid secular stagnation?“, in Brookings Think Tank 20 volume, November 2014. (pdf)

“Ein direktes Rekapitalisierungsinstrument für Banken ist sinnvoll”, prepared for Anhörung im Bundestag Haushaltsausschuß, Gesetzesentwurf zur Änderung des ESM Finanzierungsgesetzes, Oktober 2014. (pdf)

“Economic and monetary affairs” published in “EU to do in 2015-2019: Memos to the new EU leadership”, Bruegel, September 2014 (with Zsolt Darvas). (pdf)

“Tax harmonization in Europe: Moving forward”, publication by Conseil d’analyse économique, 17 July 2014 (with Agnès Bénassy-Quéré and Alain Trannoy). (pdf)

“The great transformation: Memo to the incoming EU Presidents”, Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/07 (with André Sapir). (pdf)

“No industry, no future?”, publication by Conseil d’analyse économique, 19 June 2014 (with Lionel Fontagné and Pierre Mohnen). (pdf)

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“A budget for Europe’s monetary union“, Bruegel Policy Contribution 2012/22

Testimony to Bundestag Budget Committee on the German implementation of the fiscal compact (in German), 16 November 2012.

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