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European Parliament: More representative post-Brexit?

Brexit has afforded the European Parliament with the opportunity to reform – but will the current proposals for reallocating the UK’s 73 seats after 2019 fully realise that opportunity?

In the latest chapter of ‘The Sound of Economics’, Bruegel director Guntram Wolff highlights the potential political ramifications of seat reallocation, and the difficulties inherent in making the Parliament more representative while staying within the bounds of previous agreements.

Guntram Wolff has elaborated on the topic of representativeness in the European Parliament in a blog post.

Also he has worked together with Robert Kalcik and Nicolas Moës on an analysis of how all the proposals for seat reallocation would have affected the Parliament’s degree of representativeness.

The work illustrated that, although the European Parliament is highly unequal in its representation of EU citizens, significant strides towards greater representativeness can be achieved within the bounds of the outstanding EU treaties.