# Interviews

Economic Recovery – Still an Unfinished Business?

Chair: Martin Santa, Head of the Communication Department, Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava

  • Ivan Lesay, Senior Advisor to Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava
  • Jozef Siekla, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Slovenská sporiteľna, Bratislava
  • Rolf Strauch, Director, Research and Institutional Relations of the European Financial Stability Facility, Luxembourg
  • Guntram Wolff, Director, Bruegel, Brussels

Contrary to many analysts’ expectations a few years ago, the Eurozone managed to survive its debt crisis intact. But given the political costs, can we afford a long period of weak growth, low inflation and high unemployment? And what can be done to avoid such a scenario? Despite the consolidation efforts, the government debts have not come down. Structural reforms are not being implemented. Bank lending is weak while the capital markets in many countries are practically non- existent. Investments are far below the pre-crisis levels and the external demand has lately been disappointing. Where can the EU find its much needed growth engine?